Thursday, August 7, 2008


As in, "slow as".

I altered the pattern pieces for Milly's muslin and decided to put them aside to focus on the PR jacket. The wedding I'll be attending isn't until September 13, and considering it's taken me 6 full days to get through the cutting phase of the jacket fabric and lining, I think this a smart move. I'm leaving for vacation on Saturday, so I'll have precious little time when I get back to finish the jacket before the contest ends. I'm ashamed to admit it, but I rarely have to do much more than tweak a few seams on Butterick sz 12 anyway, so hopefully the process will go smoothly. Of course, not only is this my first lined jacket, but it is my first jacket!

I finally got the silk paints in the mail, along with all the silk scarves I ordered to practice on :) I am making design progress with my watercolors and chinese brush painting set. I've found the chinese brush painting more closely mimics the effect of the paint on the silk. I think it will translate well to the dress. I'm giddy with anticipation of finally getting to the dress, but I fear it won't be until the end of September at this rate.

And who knew sewing would have me in home improvement stores so often? Aside from the rolls upon rolls of duct tape we've consumed, I've now got a stovepipe steamer in the works, as well as a fabric stretching frame. The frame is going to consist of 4 lengths of pvc joined with one end that will slide to accommodate different sizes of fabric. With all this stuff I'm accumulating (did I mention almost 100 yards of fabric?), I have now officially taken over the dining room, much to the dog's disappointment- his bed got relocated to my daughter's room, and he hates being downgraded in status like that. I was geeked to find the extension leaf to my dining table, so my cutting mat has ample room. The room is almost completely converted to my mad sewing lab now (buildup of evil laughter here).

And since I don't have any pretty pictures this time, I'll leave you with a riddle:
I'm right-side-up even when I'm upside-down. What am I?

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Karen said...

I love the walkaway dress - I have a copy of that pattern in the stash but it's never told me what fabric it wants to be. Love the idea of using the tablecloth.