Monday, January 19, 2009

...but not forgotten.

Even though I've stopped working on the Vogue jacket because of kid-priority, it's still on my mind. I did set the challenge to finish my UFOs and I plan to return to it next week, when the Awards Dinner will be a happy memory.

I happened upon these buttons in JoAnn* the other day on a zipper run. I tempted fate by waiting to get my coupons for them- I couldn't justify $8/ea.- but there was something about them. They have so much depth in the coloring. Check out the rings in them, they are very Saturnesque.
*and what is up with old BigBox lately? They've actually impressed me the last 3 times I was there.


Boopina has been away, but her M5380 muslin is assembled and awaiting her return for a final fitting. That girl has a travel calendar that some jet setters would envy.
I was not loving all those lower bodice panels, but I think they will look cool in the finished product. I can't wait to do a summer version in cotton for myself and do something fab with all those pieces.


As many of you know, I'm taking on a quilt-making project. It kind of takes sewing to a whole new place for me.
Anyone with anything to offer in the way of quilting advice, please feel free. This is my first attempt at making blocks:

No, your eyes do not deceive you- nothing is pressed. My trusty iron began mysteriously leaking water from where the cord connects to the iron. Now, I've been known to push the bounds of usability on a product or two (duct tape anyone?), but I'm thinking I'll just wait till I get a new iron. I'll be soooooooo relieved to finally get an auto-shut off. So will my husband! :) Maybe I'll also get a Clover Mini-Iron , I've been wanting one for a while.
Hopefully I'll get 2 reviews posted this week!

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Little Hunting Creek said...

The quilt blocks look pretty. Is it a Rail Fence? I love the colors