Friday, July 25, 2008

Chapter Two: Milly's Cup

What do you get when you cross this:

with this:


Eventually we will know, but for now I hope it looks a little like this:

I was visited by my angelically beautiful cousin, Milly, last week and found inspiration inside my local coffee shop. I had been drooling over my unopened Vogue 1030 for over a month now, stalking my street like Mr. Burns devising sinister plots to takeover the world- just trying to come up with something tasty for it. Milly was taken in by a chocolate-banana drink and I, being faithful to my tea at home, browsed around. And then this mug just jumped off the shelf and started banging itself on my head... The blue lining on the inside, the airy eggshell chiffon caressing it, its lengths on fire with watery color- I swear I stood in the middle of the coffee shop frozen with my eyes like saucers as I thought of this pattern, people thought there was a medical emergency.

I ran home and did the best sketch I could with my kid's watercolors and paper and then researched silk painting in earnest. I'm now in the works with ordering silk painting beginner kits to brush up on techniques and looking to get the cheapest/nicest/cheapest muslin fabric I can get.

And my darling son (22 mos.) will be starting daycare 3 mornings a week so I will have 11.5 hours every week of beautiful, glorious, fantabulously uninterrupted sewing time. I should have titled this "sleeping beauty" because I know I must be dreaming! You guys might actually get a blog to read!


Karen said...

Congratulations, it's a blog. And apparently you've found something to write about already! I got what you were talking about with the silk painting for that dress, but it's great to see the mug and your actual idea drawn out. Now this I'll be waiting to see.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

It was soooo nice getting to meet you! And I didn't realize you were a "Jersey Girl" like me! Hopefully you will be able to go to JoMars with me and Karen...I can meet you in Trenton and we can take the train to Philly have to do JoMars!

AllisonC said...

Wow this dress will be amazing if it is even half as good as your sketch.