Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Quest for the Cup Begins

I set out with a list of things to do today, and I'm pleasantly surprised by my sort-of progress :) I checked the local BigName for redtag fabrics to use on my 1030 muslin. I managed to find some poly chiffon and 1 (!) bolt of poly georgette- no double georgette. Of course, I have no idea what that means, so I'm off to find a fabric book tomorrow. I left empty handed. I'm thinking I might want to substitute the georgette lining for something more substantial.

And my absolutely wonderful incredibly awesome breathtakingly handsome manly intelligent husband helped me finally get started on my dressform tonight!!!! I wore the black turtleneck and nylon/lycra skirt from the plastermold fiasco- both fit snug to the body, and then he wrapped away for two hours with a white duct tape I found at Home Depot- it's near the paints in case you too find yourself wandering around for 30 minutes marvelling at how many different aisle categories duct tape could fit under, and yet still remain elusive. I read somewhere on Threads site that you should use 3 layers of tape. I think we have at least 30. Needless to say, we cut it off, hung it up and then went - "oh, I guess I need other stuff for it too." So tomorrow I'm back to Home Depot to get some hardware to mount the form, which I fear is bigger in places than I was prepared for.

I stocked up on watercolor paper and am eager to get outside and find more inspiration.

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