Sunday, October 12, 2008

Darn you, Butterick

12. Always a 12. That was me- "Hi, I'm E, Butterick size 12." I would look at that list of numbers under that 12 and smile. Ahhhh. 12.

Maybe part of me always knew. I'd heard the stories. Big 4 runs big. Big, I thought. ha.

Of course, there were the fitting issues. Oh sure, my sleeveless dress was ok. but just ok. My jacket was tight, but hey, I'm a newbie. That was my unsteady hand, my bad cuts, my swaying seam allowances.

Then there was the Vogue bodice. I'd asked the woman next to me as we were scouring the sale bin of Vogues- she even said it, "I find that Vogue runs small." That explained that size 16 cut. I graded down the side seams anyway, it all balanced out, didn't it? Butterick size 12. Butterick size 12.

But now it all comes out. Now the tale is being told, folks, and it's being spoken in German. And the tale it's telling is BWOF size 40. That's right. All these years. All this time. I was being lied to. And I loved it.

That was from the chapter "Disillusioned Women and the Stories they Tell Themselves".

Stockings: check
Jumpsuit: check

sleep. now. :)


connie b said...

Darn those sizes anyways! I am still trying to figure out why I did not know you have a blog! I am such an admirer of your skills!

Karen said...

Wait until you try Patrones. I'm generally a Big 4 12, a BWOF 38 (sometimes a 40 if it's a fitted woven), but in Patrones I'm an easy 42, maybe even a 44.