Monday, September 1, 2008

Trials and Tribbleations

and a PR Lined Jacket (un)contestant.

I finished the jacket and posted my review with a whopping 20 minutes to spare (phew!). I double checked the contest gallery, already had my first comment (thanks Karen!) and collapsed into bed. I awoke to find myself in the gallery, one of the last entries :) And then, suddenly, I was gone from the contest gallery. hmm. I have no clue... but I'm so thrilled with my jacket!

I love the way it feels, but looking at it now I wonder if it's a bit small across the chest. Not bad for $12 and a month of work.

Unfortunately, the frenzy of work on the jacket left me with an invasion of tribbles.

And do you remember SATs? Try this:
Toddler with lollipop is to sewing room as _________ is to Japan.
The answer would be Godzilla, folks. That's right. While I dash like a fool trying to stash dangerous objects - to protect the kid, ha!- he wreaks havoc. Next time I'm going for the silk first.
Full speed ahead with Milly's muslin.
And I'm torn- blog about nothing, and post often? Or wait till there's something to say sewing-wise, which happens infrequently, to put it politely. I always love seeing new entries on other people's blogs, sewing-related or not. I just don't know if I you want me to be that.... chatty :) And to be honest, I'd much rather sew than blog -woohoo!


Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

The new jacket is very, very kewl! I am glad that you were able to get it finished. As for blogging, do it at your own works best and isn't forced when you make your blog you instead of trying to be like everyone else!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

It's fantastic! Man, I love the look of that. Yet another pattern on my want list.

I feel like I probably blog too much, with not enough sewing detail, but I'm a chatty person and I love to write. If people are bored, they are too polite to mention it. `-)

Karen said...

Never let the blogging get in the way of the sewing. Most of the time I can manage both, and sometimes babbling about a project online will unclog my brain if I've been stuck on something. But the sewing definitely comes first.

As I said (first!) the jacket turned out great.