Thursday, September 18, 2008

UFO Sighting

Just when I was on a roll with Milly's Muslin, I got sick. The kind of sick that makes even thinking about sewing a formal Vogue pattern into a migraine. I was never going to get the dress done in time for my cousin's wedding- if I was even well enough to attend. And then, in a strange turn of events, I discovered that the wedding was postponed until the middle of October. Cool.

Yes. Cool. As in "Autumn". I was already pushing my better fashion sense by wearing a garishly yellow and fuschia, sleeveless, obscenely low-cut, chiffon dress to a mid-September wedding. I could not bring myself to even attempt it for mid-October. So I'm in the market for something fresh for the (now) October wedding. (All suggestions welcome). That means Milly's Muslin is put off till after that, and hopefully I'll have the finished Milly's Dress (silk painted and all) by Thanksgiving. That leaves the Christmas Dress for December, and Ladybird will take me through the new year. Phew. Somewhere in all this, I still want to sew some everyday stuff for myself - I've got a BWOF pattern from Karen and some silk jersey that is whispering to me from my "to do" pile.
And of course, there is all my crochet!

This is stocking attempt number one, following the instructions exactlyish.
This is the second (and third, fourth, fifth.... I started ripping back and adjusting as I went). I reduced the even rounds on the length of the foot after the toebox to give more shaping. If you try these for yourself, I suggest trying the stocking on your foot often during crocheting. It's coming along nicely, I can't wait to have the pair done! I am more than a little bummed at the color, though.
It's way too camouflage for my taste. I wanted a nice solid fawn color, but for some strange reason yarn manufacturers think we all love variegated colors. It's nice once in a while, but I prefer solid options. It was hard to find a sock-weight yarn with elastic, which is surprising because I am surrounded by 5 different craft stores. I finally found this Paton's stretch cotton blend, and it was only offered in variegated yarn. oi. I think I need to get past my Internet shopping avoidance. I've never gotten yarn, thread, or fabric over the internet. I need to feel and see and smell something that is going to be against my skin. But the selection available in bigbox stores these days is disappointing, and I'm starting to hate running from place to place.

Did anybody do International Wear a Dress Day? I did :)

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The Slapdash Sewist said...

Choosing fancy dresses is always fun. Autumn is great for rich colors, and people are wearing colors to weddings these days. At least at the wedding I went to last weekend almost everyone was in a beautiful bright frock, such a lovely change from all black.

On the duct tape double--I much prefer paper tape to duct tape. I found it at Office Max (I think; one of those big box office stores). It's not as heavy and it holds its shape, unlike collapsing duct tape. I really don't know how to get a dummy the right size though; as you have to breathe during the process it's always going to be a few inches too big.