Friday, January 13, 2012

I knew it.

I just knew I would end up making this dress. For months now I've tried to kid myself into thinking I'd found the perfect off the rack dress. A friend at work assured me that in the Ukraine it is bad luck to make your own dress. I was just waiting for it to go on sale. It would be so nice to put my energy into everything else that planning a party for 200 people would require.

But there was always that nag of doubt. I knew what I wanted, and the only way I'd get it was to go handmade. Everything else in the wedding is going to be homemade chic, so why not just make the dress I want?

The Big Picture

The inspirations for this wedding are going to lend to some pretty awesome fashion moments, and I think it will help my sanity to record all this on blog. For instance:

I ask Darling what he envisions his attire for the wedding to be. He brings me this picture:

The one to the left, he says.

I smile.

I Google.

I counter with this picture:

(btw: sorry these photos are not credited, I googled them again and couldn't find the sites)

He smiles.


This should be fun.

The opinions on my dress? We've found a few inspirations:

I am trying to imagine what kind of frankenpattern I can come up with. Any opinions and pattern suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The girls' dresses will be silk painted at the bottom, all in white silk, each dress different for each girl.

Let the games begin.

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