Saturday, November 22, 2008

MYmar is Jomar

This is my "get me out of these winter blues" winter wardrobe fabric. I hope I can get it all done before winter ends :) This is all from Jomar, and with the exception of the metallic, all $2/yard or less. The metallic was $4.00. I was so good.
Hidden in that fabric is the Galaxy dress, a sleeveless patrones top (Karen we need to talk), at least 2 skirts, a sassy little skirt suit (with lining!), and possibly a capelet.
I originally planned to make this sweet forest green suede into a betty shopper.

When I showed it to my husband , he said, "You gonna make a skirt? :)"

Sure sweetie.

So I'm thinking of the 117 skirt from the recent November Burda.

I need that sheer "lipstick" blouse, you know it.


Elaray said...

I've GOT to get to Jomar!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Sounds like you've got good plans for your fabric! I've still got some figuring out to do...