Saturday, December 20, 2008

Quote of the Day

"Honey! Bring me the pliers, the carpet knife, and the merlot!!"

oi. Fur.


Dawn said...

This cracks me up. It sounds exactly like my house. Except I say vodka/cran when you say merlot. lol.

Vicki said...

Hi E! Thanks for visiting my blog :) Back in 1972 (before you were born no doubt) I lived for about 9 months in Moorestown. Even went to Moorestown High School. We lived in Haines (spel?) drive across from the lake.

Elaray said...

Merlot AND a carpet knife?!?!? Uh oh!

Karen said...

Glad I wasn't drinking when I read that, or I would have snarfed my merlot!

Isn't it amazing the things you can use for a sewing project?