Monday, December 15, 2008

A blog without photos

Honey, maybe you should just get me a camera for Christmas

... except for a crude sketch.

This coat (or something like it- I'm still looking for a pattern) has been on my mind since before the Say it ain't so Cloak. We're talking months.

I had a change of heart on the plaid wool I was searching so diligently to make it in (*sigh* will I ever find a color combination I love?). I found a smokin' slate blue-grey twill at Jomar (insert photo here). I think I bought what was left on the roll, which was a considerable length (2$/yd!). I originally planned it to be a coordinating professional wardrobe- fitted jacket, long skirt, pencil skirt, pants- the kind of stuff a stay-at-home mom in the 'burbs wears all the time.

When the wardrobe pieces I picked didn't fit the twill, I put it away and daydreamed about it being something else. It has a great stretch, and I had looked forward to having a very fitted sassy business jacket- something almost Edwardian. Then it struck me that I could turn it into a long coat. And line it in fur :)

The search began for a pattern, but I'm not having much luck. I found Butterick 4954 but it's not calling to me. I'd combine the jacket and the skirt and make one long coat.

The coat pattern search continues. I'm also rethinking the fur lining (maybe cashmere?)...


Vest #1 is almost done, just need to attach the hood (insert photo here). Vest #2 I'm thinking might just become a 3-hour apron :)

I blew apart the tie. don't ask. I had to rip the lining completely out and replace it. oi. And in the mess of it all the fold point got a bit skewed. We are spending some time away from each other right now.

gift making continues...

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