Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sacrifices to the Gods

The sewing gods, that is.

At one point during the Hairy Vest construction, I struggled with pinning the hood properly where it met the neck opening. Finally!!! I got it just right- and pinned my fingertip in the fur sandwich, too. And not just that fleshy outer skin, either. After a split second's contemplation, I just ripped that sucker right off - praying in the meantime that I could escape the fabric before the blood appeared. I chuckled as I blotted, remembering my side-seam scars from making Beth. I wonder what other crazy sacrifices people have made out there in the sewing gods' domain... Apparently the sewing gods are a bit bloodthirsty.

And needle-thirsty. I broke about 5 needles during the hairy vest. At one point my machine grinded to a halt and I had to use pliers to break the needle and extricate my fabric. Much praying during that episode. Things got a bit... hairy.

This is the official fur-working tool of the trade: And as is my wont, I got S I C K right before Christmas. This was on the heels of the kids being sick the week before. Loosely translated, this means 36 hours of pure unadulterated sewing time were completely lost. And that means I finished the handwork on the Hairy Vest in a side room after the Christmas feast while the others exchanged their gifts, and my sister received it with one measly snap basted on about two minutes before she left for home. It also means that The Tie (s) will now be making nice father's day presents. *note to self: Start gifts before December next year.

And Beth is splitting seams again after her nip and tuck. Time to bust out the masking tape and the running shoes. Jeez- Beth, me, Oprah... it's like an epidemic.

I hope everyone is enjoying xmas recovery as much as I am in my NEW JEEP!!!!!! woohoo :) And guess what Karen? It's got cargo space!!!- so we don't need to debate leaving a passenger at Jomar in order to fit the bags :)

Peace and Light to all :)
see you next year!


cidell said...

The vest is very cute and I too need to not start gifts mid December. I am VERY jealous of the JEEP :)

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Okay E - I have to hand it to you because you made all of those furry vests for Christmas! That is a pretty awesome accomplishment! I hope they were appreciated.

Karen said...

The sewing gods do occasionally require blood sacrifice - ask the woman who's sewn through her finger not once, but twice in her life. (You think I'd have learned; I flinch just thinking about it).

Congrats on the jeep, it'll be nice not to have to wedge people in among the bags. We'll have to try it out soon.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I love that ribbon detail on the lining! I won't complain about mine being late. `-)