Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tie Me Up

If I ever finish with this tie I might not hang myself with it.
It seemed so simple at first- just a few folds, a little liner, hand stitch the folds together down the length....

I'm stuck on the damn liner. I can't seem to get it to turn properly. It looks straightforward enough, but I'm afraid I may have to cannibalize a few more of the old Snoopy ties from way back when DH actually wore shoes to work. Or my dad might have to settle for another scarf this year :)

And how's this for a nice pair?

Butterick 4945 view B and view C/D
My brother's girlfriend bakes- she's awesome! Check out this cake she sent with him to Thanksgiving dinner:
And from the way my brother was talking about cooking reality shows, I gather he spends alot of time with her in the kitchen.

I wonder if anyone will get my husband a sewing machine for Christmas now that I've got him talking about Project Runway to anyone who will listen :)


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Love that apron with the plaid flounce! So cute!

Gorgeous Things said...

Love the aprons! I have never made ties, and in fact, I've always been askeered of the lining/bias/turning issue. I know people who do beautiful ties, but I've also heard horror stories from sewing friends who have made them. I've made bow ties. Those are pretty easy.

Now on to the serious stuff - about that cake - WOW!!!

cidell said...

Not the snoopy ties!! I am a Charlie Brown FREAK. I'm apalled because you somehow got off of my blogreader when I converted. Putting you back on lickety split