Thursday, February 5, 2009

By the book

Quote of the day:

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me. This is what you people do!!!!!! "

That was my initial reaction upon flipping through Singer's "The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing" which I never would have purchased if I realized 1/2 of it was taken up with home dec stuff. You see folks, I am a self taught sewist. After reading this book, I don't even think I could call myself "self taught". Because I never bothered to look up any proper methods. I've never even looked at a sewing reference book aside from some Threads magazines- and I always figured their complexly intricate methods were some kind of insider couture practice. It's a good thing the big 4 now assume we are all sew dumb, because I think the pattern instructions are where I've learned most of what I know - aside from bugging Karen.

According to this book, I've not even been pinning my fabric properly! It's a wonder anything I've made is wearable! At least now I know why I keep losing the buttons on my velour jacket :) So much to know, so little brain space left...


January Review (aka: the one dress I finished)

That's right folks- one. I don't count Boopina's because she did the bulk of it herself.

Simplicity 2724

I finally posted the review, and I keep thinking of little things that I should have mentioned. Like the ruffling on my dress doesn't look quite as ruffly as the pattern pic. That might be the fabric, though, because the muslin (left) was ok.

And I wasn't crazy about the zipper placement. Maybe it was just too long. I don't think it helped the bellishness of the skirt. Then again, after reading the Singer bible, it might have just been my technique ;)


It's February, and I still owe you a sewing backstory, a jacket with $8 buttons, and some accountability.

But I'm going to go sew lingerie now.
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cidell said...

Threads used to be totally beyond my comprehension. It was like a foreign language to me. Which is probably why I still don't have a subscription.

I think the Big 4 Patterns *do* teach one how to sew and those books are references.

I cannot express how much I desire that dress.

Karen said...

That does it, I'm working on that dress next. Just as soon as I figure out what fabrics it wants to be.

If you're going to invest in sewing reference books to make your head hurt, go for the Reader's Digest Guide. Great illustrations, clear instructions, womens wear, mens wear, sewing for kids, a little home dec. You can look at mine on Sunday.

Lory said...

I love that dress!! I have that pattern and made a muslin last night because I want to turn it into a tnt dress. There are so many combinations to it, and possibilities :):):):)

Your dress is beautiful, and you look very pretty in it. :):)


Cennetta said...

Great job on the dress. This is my first visit to your blog. I'll be back!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

You are FORCING me to plan out that pattern, obsessively. I love it.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

You look soooooo purty in your new dress!

Little Hunting Creek said...

That dress is so cute on you!
You obviously know enough about sewing to make CUTE dress. What you need is a better book :)

marysews said...

The dress turned out great!

So, um, how ARE we supposed to use pins? Inquiring minds want to know ...