Monday, February 9, 2009


Something in my subconscious is trying to blend me in with my background.

I didn't find any home dec for the bags at Jomar, but since I'd already dished out bridge toll, I figured I'd grab a $1 remnant. In the sea of remnants, this 2 yds of knit hooked me.

I tried to coerce this floral satin into being a coordinating liner for my AB bags instead of something with a circle skirt.

The satin turned out to have a very nicely structured stretch. *sigh* The satin won. The AB fabric search continues, and the satin will become this image of girlishness:


which also happened to have caught the eye of a certain 11 year-old.

I do have 5 yards of the poppy print...



Little Hunting Creek said...

I LOVE that skirt pattern; the flowered fabric was right to insist.

Marsha said...

Love the floral print...and according to latest issue of BWOF, floral prints are where it's at!