Saturday, February 21, 2009

Houston, we have a problem.

In all my sewing days (all 300 or so of them), I've never had a pokey dart.

Until now.

I'm showing the rear dart, but all of them are poking at least slightly.

And the problem is that it's in suede.

and it's already been topstitched.

And frankly, I'm afraid to go in and start messing with it.

Everything seemed fine when it was flat, but as soon as I connected the seams (this skirt has one long horizontalish seam that spirals around) and pulled it on... well- let's just say I know my butt is in need of a few laps, but it's not got corners yet. And the muslin was soooooooo perfect.

So I'm stalled. I have a good idea of how to fix it, thanks to the PR boards again, but I'm not too eager. I have doubts as to my ability to pull this off :( And my machine is not happy. I tried to use the Trusty White from my mom to do the seams in the suede, but it didn't even break the surface. My Viking D1 is proving to be as tough as it is pretty, but as all tough girls know, the tough need a break.


In the eternal search for the AB bag fabric, I did come across some neat buttons that I would like to use for purse feet:

But no fabric yet. To be honest, I've read so much about the difficulties of the thick home dec fabric in the Weekender that I'm thinking I might just beef up some lightweight fabric with interfacing and go with it. I promised my machine a break after the leather, and I can't really find any home dec that I like. I'm thinking silk shantung. In chartreuse. With a baby blue liner.

or maybe I've just been looking at this dress (on PR) too long.


I'm thinking about stash organization. Have you seen this flickr site?


Little Hunting Creek said...

that flickr site is like fabric PORN! I had to look away.
About those darts - what if you sliced them open and pressed? Can you experiment by doing a dart on a scrap?

Cindy said...

I am blown away with the yellow dress! thanks for sharing. good luck on the dart. the suede is hard to deal with--could a little hand stitching help. probably a band aid on the situation. I just dealt with a wonky funnel collar and I did a little hand/understitching and it worked well.

cidell said...

I'm with katleen. I can't look at the flickr side. Geez. I really need to re-ogranize and move my sewing room!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That flickr pool is amazing. Dang. I am ashamed.

Hope you can figure out the darts! I'm not so good at them myself, so I can't offer any advice.

Karen said...

I think the darts are just one of those times where your muslin has to be the same fabric as your final garment. Which sucks.

Bring it with you when you come over next, maybe it's just one of those things that needs to be tweaked ON you and you need an extra pair of hands.

Elizabeth said...

Frankly I find the neat little stacks of precisely folded fabric disturbing- these gals probably fold their plastic grocery bags, too. Okay, so I'm bitter and jealous. I just finished cleaning and organizing my sewing room and these pictures make me feel like an underachiever!
Now to your dart problem. The pokey darts and strange seam are because the leather has stretched. It looks like your topstitching is very close to the dart. So what I would do is to take the dart out and restich it where it has been topstitched. Yes. that will make make the skirt slightly smaller but it will stretch so you should be okay. To avoid it stretching again stabalize the dart point by putting a small piece of lining under the dart point, between the machine and the suede so that when you stitch this piece of lining is stitched into the point of the dart. From the picture I could not tell much about the seam but I would imagine it has also stretched. Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

More info on the skirt issue- today I took apart an old pair of leather pants to recycle and all the lengthwise seams had been stabalized with a narrow strip of sew in interfacing. Hope this helps.

prashant said...

I just dealt with a wonky funnel collar and I did a little hand/understitching and it worked well.

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