Friday, February 6, 2009

The Sewing Gods work in mysterious ways.

A pipe broke in my basement last night. No water today.

No dishes.
No laundry.
No cleaning the bathroom.

:) oh yeah! Sew baby!

The willy nilly quilt blocking I started has evolved into an actual design.

In between dealing with the water thing ("Is it on yet?" "No!" "How about now?" "NO!" I swear I was ready to charge him a helper's fee) I got some more blocks stitched up. I don't really know how big it will end up because I've not considered the borders yet, but the block on the paper is 36" x 36" and I think I'll piece 4 of those together. Again, all suggestions welcomed. Maybe I'll do this for a Mother's Day present...

I'm beginning to see why people get into quilting. Put on an ipod and you can really zone just zipping out those 1/4" straight lines.


And Etta James is going to have to come and open up a can of whoop-ass on me, because I belted out At Last at the top of my lungs when the mailman came by today!!

If you and I have had a face-to-face conversation in the past year, then you know I've been in agony waiting to make a Betty Shopper. I searched high and low, but time after time, shop after shop- no Betty Shopper. Sure I could have just gone online, but I really dislike internet shopping unless I absolutely know I'm getting a kickin' deal. I waited for the stars to align, and Pattern Review came through once again! I didn't even read the whole email before I clicked over and snagged these three. I could really use the Weekender and a weekend babysitter and I just adore that Sophia! I might coordinate the three and feel all princessy :) Hurry up, President's Day Sales!!!
I'm borrowing my mom's takes-a-lickin'-keeps-on-tickin' White tomorrow. I love that thing. It rolled end-over-end down a rocky cliff and landed in a knee-deep mud puddle, cracked the case and all- still works fine. I don't think the needle has ever been changed. I'm going to use it for the Amy Butler bags and this leather skirt on my UFO list.

no lingerie.


cidell said...

Sister, I'm with you. I have all those bag patterns plus Kimberley. And I'm not a really a bag person. But, I LOVE her designs and I feel like she gives you the tools to do them well! I have my Betty Shopper today with me at work and I fell all cute!

Lindsay T said...

You guys make me want to sew bags. These are so cute.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Be warned - Betty Shopper is one ginormous purse.
Quilting is very zen. I make mini quilt blocks when I'm between projects. It is very relaxing. Occasionally I actually finish one.
(A quilt, not just a block)

Elaray said...

We have to talk about quilting. Part of me wants to make a quilt, but part of me thinks it would be boring.