Saturday, February 7, 2009

So close, yet sew far away.

That's the view from where I spend most of my time. It calls to me. *sigh*

9 years ago, I'd glance wistfully over at my toddling daughter, and she'd look up from her little toys and wave. Today, the toddling son- well, let's just say as I type this he is straddling my lap, manipulating the skin around my cheeks with his fingers, and smashing Lucky Charms into the keyboard with his toes. Add in negative nap (that's something akin to negative ease, if you get me), and that means I cross the threshold into the sewing room rarely.

I do, however, get to spend a ton of time thinking about sewing and doing kidsafe activities. Enter the crayons.
I thought the idea for the personalized croquis in Sew Stylish spring 08 was brilliant. Unfortunately the picture I copied didn't have feet. Make sure you get the feet- the whole outline is essential in establishing nice garment proportions.

I'm going to play with this for a few days, but already I'm getting an idea that I should avoid certain lines. I also like the idea of using a pattern sketch to "try on" the dress before you commit.


I loaded up the kid with waffle fries and headed into JoAnn for some snooping in the home dec fabrics to use in the Amy Butler bags. I peruse them only slightly more frequently than the quilting cottons, which is next to never, so I was a bit lost at first. I did manage to find a couple of combinations that caught my eye, but I'm not in love yet.

Oooooo I can't wait to get started on them :)

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